Our Launch Day took place on Saturday, July 4th, to celebrate the start of this year’s #HistoricPlacesDay

You can find recordings of the events organized by staff of the National Trust for Canada, heritage enthusiasts, and participating places across the country in the descriptions below.


Travel back in time to the 1860’s with Eleanore Mackie, Special Project Assistant for Historic Places Day, as she experiences a guided tour in one of Canada’s largest living-history sites, Upper Canada Village

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Join the Curator of the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, Dr. Stanciu, to explore the grounds, unique images and facts of Wolseley Barracks before and after it was built. Part I will premiere on our YouTube channel at 8am PT | 11am ET | 12 noon AT on Saturday July 4th, and it will unveil some unknown facts about the history of the building and its exterior architecture: Watch Here!


Tune in as Natalie Bull, Executive Director of the National Trust for Canada, launches Canada Historic Places Day with an exclusive tour of Kings Landing Historic settlement, New Brunswick. 

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A trip to the store today looks very different than it did a few months ago, that’s for sure. But how does it compare to shopping trips of long ago? Join Black Creek Pioneer Village at 10am PT | 1pm ET | 2pm AT for a live virtual tour on Facebook of their Laskay Emporium. Find them on Facebook here!


Have you always wanted to find out more about the Exchange District National Historic Site of Winnipeg? Well we have two interviews for you.

Chris Wiebe of the National Trust for Canada interviews David Pensato, Executive Director of the Exchange District BIZ about one of Canada’s hippest historic districts and how it’s bouncing back after COVID-19.

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Lindsay Sommers of Exchange District BIZ interviews Brock Coutts about the history of Patent 5 Distillery and transforming a 1903 livery barn into a gin and vodka-fueled cocktail mecca.

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Built as a theme park in the 1970s, the now abandoned structures and manmade islands that make up Toronto’s Ontario Place are full of stories to tell.

Join Irene Galea, Member of the National Trust for Canada’s Millennial Advisory Board, as she speaks with the leader of the Ontario Place student design charrette, Aziza Chaouni, to spread the word about this place’s historic significance. 

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Virtually visit the Huron Historic Gaol by night during its temporary closure! The cells are dark, the sheets are on the artifacts & staff are on hand to shine a light and lift the covers to show you this national historic site behind the scenes on #HistoricPlacesDay.

At 5:30pm PT | 8:30pm ET | 9:30pm AT: Join the Gaol on their Facebook and Instagram Live for a sneak preview tour of the this historic building and its unique panopticon design.

At 6pm PT | 9pm ET | 10pm AT: Join the Gaol online for a Q&A with the Curator of Engagement & Dialogue from inside the gaol. Is this place haunted? Why do you spell jail with a g? Did anyone escape? Ask an expert about almost 180 years of history! Register for the Zoom session here.